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Personnel Advisory Board

The City's Personnel Advisory Board shall be an advisory board appointed by the Mayor and Council, to serve without compensation. There are no regularly scheduled meetings. It is comprised of four (4) persons, three of whom must be citizens of the city, but not be city elected officials and one (1) full-time employee of the city, to be elected by the employees of the city. Three (3) members are necessary to have a quorum. Three (3) advisory votes are necessary to carry any motion or make a decision.

The principle functions of the Personnel Advisory Board are to serve in an advisory capacity to the Personnel Officer and the Mayor and Council in the administration of the city's personnel administration system and to act as an independent forum in the hearing of employee appeals on adverse action.


Post 1
Lynn Smith

Post 2
George Zhookoff

Post 3
Melvin Everson

Post 4
Lt. J. McKinney

Interested in becoming a volunteer Board member?

An Application for Board Appointment has been developed to identify and qualify eligible Snellville citizens who wish to volunteer their time and service to the City of Snellville and the Mayor and Council. Please mail your completed application to:

Butch Sanders, City Manager
City of Snellville
2342 Oak Road
Snellville, GA 30078