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Homestead Exemption

What is and how do I file for Homestead Exemption? Homestead Exemption is the system developed by the State of Georgia that exempts from taxation a specified amount of assessed value of your home. You may apply for Homestead Exemption in the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner’s office. To qualify you must both own and occupy your home as of January 1. Once you have qualified for Homestead Exemption and remain in the same house, you do not need to reapply. However, if you move, you are required to reapply for the exemption for the new location. Applications can be submitted year-round but the deadline for filing for the current year is April 1. When the homeowner reaches the age of 65 years old, they may apply for an additional senior exemption. To file for both City and County exemptions, file with the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner’s Office at 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30046, by email at , or by telephone at 770.822.8800.

Once you apply through Gwinnett County, any exemption that is applicable to the City will automatically post to your account with the City of Snellville.

  1. The Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner reminds homeowners to apply for a Homestead Exemption before April 1. 

  2. You must own and occupy the property as your primary residence as of Jan. 1 of the current tax year for which the application is being made. 

  3. Exemptions are not granted automatically, however once an exemption is granted, there is no need to apply each year.

  4. Visit to apply online and upload supporting documentation, check your application status or view exemption requirements.