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The Planning and Development Department maintains and updates many of the maps commonly used in the City and may be viewed and downloaded below.


Sidewalk Master Plan (updated 5-12-2008)

Zoning & Street Map (updated 9-28-2023)

Future Land Use Map (adopted 2-26-2024)

Future Development Map (adopted 2-26-2024)

Downtown Development Authority Boundary Map (amended 2-6-2013)

Subdivision & Points of Interest Map (updated 1-25-2020)

Sanitation Routes (updated 12-11-2018)

Greenway Master Plan Map (updated 2-5-2019)

City / County / State Right-of-Way Map (updated 2-13-2020)


Please note: These files are very large and may take a little time to open. To save the files, right click on the file name and choose "Save Target As."

You can also access Gwinnett County's Geographic Information Systems via their online GIS Data Browser which lets you search their data with no special software required. You can easily locate any street, address or intersection in the county, print or email your map, or create a URL so others can easily go to the same data.

Don't see what you are looking for? Please contact our GIS Department and we'll be happy to assist you with your GIS mapping needs.

Gwinnett County Floodplain Information (link)

To view FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) please click HERE