Snellville Parks and Recreation Department

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Job Title

Phone Number

Email Address

Lisa A Platt,CPRP Director of Parks & Recreation 770-985-3534 lplatt@snellville.org




    BRISCOE PARK (open Sun to Sat, 6am to 10pm, Office open Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm) 770-985-3535  
Leslie Beck Park Maintenance  


Taylor Brown Park Maintenance Supervisor 770-985-3536 tbrown@snellville.org
Rafael Castillo

Park Maintenance

Meghan Meegan Program Coordinator 770-985-3532 mmeegan@snellville.org
Oscar Parker Park Crew Leader    
Debbie Puette Administrative Assistant 770-985-3535 dpuette@snellville.org
                            Active Adult Center (open Mon to Fri, 9am to 4pm) 770-985-3580  
Kathi Gargiulo Senior Program Supervisor 770-985-3531 kgargiulo@snellville.org
Tracey Glass Senior Program Assistant II 770-985-7219 tglass@snellville.org
Khristy Harris Senior Program Assistant I 770-985-3580 kharris@snellville.org
Alison Marti Senior Program Assistant I 770-985-3580 amarti@snellville.org