Helpful Hints

To help maintain the attractive appearance of your neighborhood do not put garbage, recyclables or yard trimmings at the street more than 12 hours prior to your pick up day or leave containers there more than 12 hours after pick up is completed.

Placing your garbage cart and recycling bin out by 6 a.m. will assure you not being missed. The hauler will not come back to your home if you fail to have it out by this time. Also remember that any garbage not inside your cart with the lid closed needs to be in a "Special Blue City Bag." See "Extra Garbage Procedures" (above) for details.

The garbage cart and recycling bin are the property of our hauler; if you move please leave them behind for the next homeowner.

The junk container, located at the recycling center, is for general household clean outs (i.e. basements, attics) - this DOES NOT include major remodeling debris. You're limited to one pick up size truckload per day for junk. The junk container is strictly for residential residents only. We have maps available for landfills that will take such items.

Snellville citizens please make sure your home address is easily identifiable on your mailbox, curb or home. This helps our garbage hauler as well as emergency personnel.