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Stormwater & Drainage

The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the stormwater infrastructure within the city limits. We are striving to keep our city safe and efficient at all times. These areas include right of ways, ditches, detention ponds and easements which are all important in the stormwater management.

Stormwater Management Program

Management of stormwater runoff has become an increasingly important responsibility for local governments. Recently enacted stormwater regulations, combined with aging drainage infrastructure, has resulted in local governments like Snellville developing and implementing more comprehensive stormwater management programs to achieve regulatory compliance and address recurring drainage problems.


Illicit Discharge

Illicit discharge is the disposal or discharge of pollutants and non-storm water materials into a storm sewer system via surface flow, direct dumping into the storm sewer or water body, or through illegal connections to the city storm sewer system.


  • Improper disposal of auto and household chemicals
  • Spills from roadway accidents or vehicle leaks
  • Improper disposal of yard and pet wastes
  • Construction site sediment
  • Drilling operation waste
  • Laundry and car wash water
  • Septic tank discharge and sanitary wastewater
  • Chlorinated pool water


  • Persons dumping liquids, animal waste, leaves, grass clippings, or anything unidentifiable into a storm drain
  • Unusual colors or odors in the surface water
  • Stains, unusual odors, or structural damage to street surfaces
  • Dead or distressed fish, plants, or other wildlife near surface water
  • Abnormal vegetative growth in water bodies
  • Sediment accumulation in water bodies
  • Pipes with flowing water during a dry period


  • NEVER dump anything into a storm water sewer or storm drain
  • Wash your car on your lawn or at a commercial car wash
  • Report through "Report a Problem" link on City of Snellville website
  • Report to Public Works by calling 770-985-3527


Upcoming & Completed Projects

Active Stormwater Projects '23 - '24

  • 1824-1825 Chaparral Ct
  • 2925-2916 Elizabeth Ln
  • 2478 Ellis Ct
  • 2509-2488 Ellis Ct
  • 3433 Kenilworth Ct
  • 3100-3145 Pondridge Trl
  • 2777-2776 Ravenwood Dr
  • 2836 Ravenwood Dr
  • 2886 Ravenwood Dr
  • 2243-2944 Shayne Pl
  • 2849 Mountain View Rd

Completed Stormwater Projects '22 - '23

  • Highriggs Lane (Emergency Project)
  • Flintrock (Emergency Project)
  • Mountain View Road
  • 1830-1840 Meadowchase Court
  • 2963 Williams Place
  • 3060-3065 Oak Meadow Drive
  • 2747 Oak Meadow Lane
  • 3155 Pond Ridge Trail
  • 2221 Westridge Drive
  • 2281 Westridge Drive