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Quality of Life/Code Enforcement


The Quality of Life Unit will remove any sign that is illegally placed in the public right-of-way, which may extend 10-30 feet beyond the edge of pavement. If your sign has been removed by the city's Code Enforcement officers and you would like to collect these signs, please visit the dumpster area at City Hall. Signs not retrieved after one week will be placed into the solid waste dumpster for collection by the waste hauler. 


The Quality of Life Unit is assigned to the Department of Planning and Development. The unit focuses on compliance with all city codes and ordinances that may affect the city's quality of life, its aesthetics and the welfare of its citizens. They address a wide range of issues that affect the environment, health, safety, property values and general well-being of the City of Snellville. Preservation and improvement are recognized by government leaders as necessary to prevent the deterioration of our surroundings and enhance the quality of life.

Code Violation Photo

The objective of code enforcement is to obtain voluntary compliance. Prosecuting a code violation is the least efficient way to guarantee an improved community. Therefore, education and guidance are the primary services rendered by a Code Enforcement Officer.

Code Enforcement also ensures:

  • Residential and business properties are properly maintained,
  • Trash and debris are disposed of,
  • Inoperative / junk vehicles are not illegally stored, and
  • Signs are not illegally posted.

Am I in the City?

Many properties having a Snellville mailing address may not necessarily be located within the City of Snellville municipal boundaries as U.S. Postal boundaries are not the same. If you are not certain the address containing the violation is located in the Snellville city limits, please use the 'Am I in the City?' address lookup tool to know for sure.

Report a Problem

Please use the online 'Report a Problem' link below to report code violations, pot hole and street repairs, and other requests.

Report a Problem

I submitted a complaint, now what happens?

Once a complaint has been received, the address provided is verified to make sure the property is located in the City of Snellville municipal limits. If not and as a courtesy, the complaint is forwarded to the Gwinnett County Quality of Life Unit. Click the button below to view the steps required to process a complaint.

Code Complaint Process Flow Chart

Residential Property Tenants

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY TENANTS: The City of Snellville does not have a maintenance code requiring landlords to maintain certain living conditions. You may contact the Georgia Department of Community Affairs at 404-679-4940 or for additional resources on landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities.

Gwinnett County and other contacts

Complaints for properties which are NOT located in the Snellville City limits should be directed to the Gwinnett County Quality of Life Department using the contacts below.

Street light outages (or street lights that stay on during the day) may be reported directly to Walton EMC or by calling 770-267-2505.

Always call 911 for any type of emergency situation (fire, police, medical, natural gas leak, etc.).