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Tactical Urbanism

Tactical Urbanism Program

A collaboration between the DDA, DAS, URA and Planning & Development

What is Tactical Urbanism?

Have you ever thought that making a small adjustment or improvement to the built environment that you interact with would make your life so much easier, safer, and more friendly?

Tactical urbanism means making small-scale, temporary improvements to the built environment. Tactical urbanism projects are low-cost, temporary and demonstrative, meaning that they show how an improvement or solution would function. The goal of the Tactical Urbanism Program is to give Snellville residents and business owners a way to get more involved and take initiative with the planning of their city. The city as well as the Downtown Development Authority, Development Authority and Urban Redevelopment Authority hopes that this program will allow applicants to showcase how small changes to the built environment can have a big effect on the health, safety and beauty of their community. The Program is offered by the DDA (Downtown Development Authority), DAS (Development Authority Snellville) and URA (Urban Redevelopment Agency) of Snellville and supported by the Planning & Development Department.

How Do I Apply?
  1. Read the Tactical Urbanism Project Guide provided by the City. This guide is meant to help you refine your idea for a project. It gives examples of types of tactical urbanism projects and outlines the parameters of where your project can go and what it can and cannot do.
  2. Skim the Tactical Urbanist's Guide to Materials & Design. This free guide was created by Street Plans Collaborative, and is meant to help applicants figure out how much their project will cost and what the best materials to use would be.
  3. Finally, fill out the application and property owner consent letter provided by the city. Submit your completed application, including the Property Owner Consent Letter to the Office of Planning and Development. The review will take 7-14 days depending on the complexity of your proposal. Once your project is approved, you may also apply for a grant to fund your project. However, applying for a grant is a secondary approval and is NOT REQUIRED.

If you have any questions or want to set up a meeting to discuss your project idea, feel free to contact Butch Sanders, City Manager at (770) 985-3587.


Tactical Urbanism Project Guide

Tactical Urbanism Guide To Materials & Design

Tactical Urbanism Installation Permit Application

Property Owner Consent Letter

Tactical Urbanism Street Eligibility