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Variance Process


UDO Section 103-7. Board of Appeals sets forth the provisions to apply for a variance from the UDO, an appeal concerning the interpretation or administration of the UDO, or a waiver from the requirements of the UDO.

The Board of Appeals holds a public hearing to review the application and make a decision to grant or deny the request.

Submittal Deadline

Variance Applications:  4:00 p.m., 50-days prior to Board of Appeals public hearing date.  This is the last day to submit, earlier submittals are encouraged to ensure application acceptance.  Please consider the 2024 Public Hearing Calendar for application submittal deadlines and public hearing meeting dates for the Board of Appeals.

Appeal Applications:  Appeals must be filed within 30-days after such decision is made by filing the application of appeal in the Department of Planning and Development and will be considered at a public hearing with the Board of Appeals within 45-days of receipt of the completed application.

Application Procedures

Once an application is filed, the Planning Department reviews the application and prepares a Staff Analysis including a recommendation for approval or denial of the application.  The Staff Analysis is forwarded to members of the Board of Appeals  and placed on the website for public view.  Upon meeting all public notice requirements, a public hearing is held by the Board of Appeals for final action (approval or denial) of the application.

Legal Ad in Gwinnett Daily Post

The Planning Department is responsible for placement of a legal ad for publication at least 30-days prior to the Board of Appeals public hearing date. The legal ad is prepared and requested 43-days before the public hearing date.

Adjoining Property Owner(s) Notifications

The Planning Department is responsible for notifying ALL adjoining property owners (and subject property owner(s) if owner/agent is not the applicant) of the parcel(s) subject to the application, giving notice of the Board of Appeals public hearing by First Class USPS mail. These notices are mailed at least 30-days prior to the Board of Appeals public hearing date to the property owner's mailing address on file with the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner's office.

Public Notice Sign Requirements

The Planning Department is also responsible for placing Public Notice Signs on each parcel subject to the application.  These signs must be erected a minimum of 30-days prior to the Board of Appeals public hearing date, and placed on each subject parcel having public road frontage.     

Meeting Location and Time

Board of Appeals public hearings are held at 7:30 p.m. at Snellville City Hall Council Chambers, 2342 Oak Road, Snellville, unless alternative meeting dates, times, and/or places are necessary.

If an application for a variance or waiver is denied by the Board of Appeals, a reapplication for such variance or waiver may not be made earlier than twelve (12) months from the date of the original application.

Applications, Forms & Information

May be viewed and downloaded here.

Application Submittal Deadline & Public Hearing Schedule

2024 Public Hearing Calendar


Fee Schedule