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Yard Waste Collection Options

Curbside Pick Up

A "Special Yard Waste Bag" is also available at the same locations as the "Special City Blue Bags." Locations are Public Works, Publix and Kroger both on Scenic Hwy in Snellville. Go to the customer service desk at Kroger and Publix. The Yard Bags are imprinted with the City seal and instructions that include a phone number. Call the number to let them know the number of bags you will place at the curb. Residents must call the number to schedule pickup. The yard waste bag is a 30-gallon paper bag designed specifically for yard debris. The cost of the bag is $2.52 per bag. When you purchase the bag the cost of curbside collection is included. Yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, small branches and shrubbery clippings must be placed inside the "Special Yard Waste Bag" to insure collection. Larger limbs and branches must be bound in 4-feet lengths and be no larger than 6 inches in diameter and weigh less than 50 pounds per arm load bundle and must have a "Special Yard Waste Bag" attached to insure collection.

Recycling Center Drop Off

There is an area for yard trimmings at the Snellville Recycling Center for City Limit residents only. You are allowed one pick up truckload per day to be emptied at no charge. You are allowed one additional load per day for a $15 fee. A truck with an attached trailer will be considered two loads. We also request that you bring tools from home to empty your debris (rakes, brooms, etc.), as these items will not be provided.

Firewood & Mulch

The City of Snellville Recycling Center sells firewood as long as supply lasts. We give away mulch for self loading as long as supply lasts. We will load your truck for a fee of $10 per loader-bucket if enough staff is available. You may call prior to coming 770-985-3539.