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City Manager

The City Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the City, working with the various city departments and department directors. The policies adopted by and the vision for the City set forth by the Mayor and Council provide the parameters for both basic service provision and special projects all intended to best serve Snellville's citizens.
The City Manager is responsible for producing the annual City budget for general operating, needs and longer term capital projects, planning and managing all major projects within the City and making sure the public is well informed and knowledgeable about all City initiatives and activities. Those assisting the manager in his duties include well informed and experienced staff members in Finance, Human Resources, Public Information and Planning and Zoning among many others.

One of the Manager's most important duties, professionally and personally, is to build a City staff that is dedicated to serving the public good at all times and providing for that staff the best possible working environment, all needed supplies and strong moral support to enable our team to meet the goal of excellence in local government.

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Matthew Pepper

City Manager