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Opening a Business

Welcome to Snellville

City leaders are glad you selected Snellville as the place to start and grow your business. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are the backbone of our community. If you are interested in opening a business in Snellville, we wish to support you in your efforts. We are available to answer many of your questions. We would like to participate with you at the celebration when you open.

The City of Snellville is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and new businesses. We recognize your contribution in realizing the vision of our city. Snellville is working hard, with your help, to create a broader economic base by expanding its professional job market and cultural amenities.

A Guide to Your Grand Opening

City officials would like to celebrate with you as you launch your business in Snellville by offering a ribbon-cutting event. We will invite local dignitaries, representatives from the Mayor and Council, City Management, the Snellville Police Department and local commerce groups.

Contact Public Information Officer Brian Arrington at 770-985-3517 to start planning for your grand opening event!


City of Snellville Contacts

Main: 770-985-3500

Quality of Life - Code Enforcement - 770-985-3519

Sign Permits - 770-985-3515

Business Licenses - 770-985-3513

Building Permits/Inspections - 770-985-3514

Zoning Information - 770-985-3515

Alcohol Beverage License - 770-985-3513

Public Works - 770-985-3527

Police Department - 770-985-3555

Real, Business and Personal Property Tax - 770-985-3508

Snellville Tourism and Trade -

Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce -

Snellville Downtown Development Authority -


Gwinnett County Contacts

Main: 770-822-8000


Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce - 770-232-3000 -

Fire Marshal (Plan Review) - 678-518-4980

Health Department - 770-963-5132

Tax Assessor - 770-822-7200

Tax Commissioner - 770-822-8818

Water Resources - 678-376-6800


Additional Information

•Occupational Tax Licenses (business license) expire on Dec. 31 of each year and must be renewed by March 31. Renewal applications are mailed in January.

•Home businesses defined as "a lawful occupation that provides a product or service that is conducted wholly within a dwelling unit. The use includes a family day care regulated under UDO Sec. 206-5.2." may operate as an accessory use subject to the Use Standards of UDO 206-8.12 (Home Occupation).  Please call 770-985-3514 or visit our website for further information.

•Alcohol Beverage licenses expire on Dec. 31 of each year and must be renewed by Nov. 1.

•A permit must be obtained before erecting any new sign or banner. Please call Code Compliance at 770-985-3515 for further information.

•Waste disposal is handled through the Snellville Public Works Department. Please call 770- 985-3527 for more information.

•City property and business inventory taxes are billed through the City. Please call 770-985-3508 for more information.

•Before performing any exterior or interior alterations, remodels additions, etc., please call 770-985-3513 for building permit requirements.