Balanced budget of $14.69 million approved by Mayor and Council

A balanced budget of $14.69 million was approved Monday. The millage rate – which is expected to remain unchanged - will be set by Mayor and Council next month.

Increases in this year’s budget include:

  • $385,000 in Community Development Block Grant expenditures and revenue remains in this budget from last year which will fund the city’s Greenway Trail connection to Briscoe Park.
  • A new police dispatch shortfall of $168,726 will be covered due to a change in the service agreement with Gwinnett County.
  • Gas, utilities and supply costs are up across the board due to inflation.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department is now back to pre-COVID activity levels, increasing programming costs.
  • Changes to police salaries were budgeted to increase job retention and hiring competitiveness.

The city is once again showing its commitment to improving roads and infrastructure, budgeting $1.15 million for road resurfacing and $1.28 million for stormwater improvements.

FY 2023 Snellville Budget