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Street sweeping in Sector 3 starts Jan. 19

Street-sweeping will be wrapping up in Sector 2 by tomorrow and should commence work in Sector 3 by Monday.

Please keep your vehicle off the street during the day to avoid delays and causing the area in front of your home to be bypassed. 

Streets in Sector 3 are:

Ashley Woods Court

Ashworth Circle

Ashworth Lake Road

Beverly Lane

Britt Road

Burford Lane

Cambridge Street

Carpenters Way

Country Farm Court

Country Farm Drive

Creek Lane

Dale Court

Dorian Drive

Greenbrook Court

Green Valley Court

Green Valley Road

Hickory Circle

Hickory Drive

Hickory Lane

Hickory Trail

Hickory Smoke Court

Hickory Valley Drive

Jenkins Drive

Kenilworth Court

Kingstream Drive

Kingstream Way

Lanier Drive

Lanier Way

Londonberry Court

Longfield Drive

Melissa Court

Middlesex Court

Newtons Crest Circle

Newtons Crest Lane

Oak Grove Lane

Pamela Drive

Parker Drive

Parkside Court

Parkside Way

Pierce Circle

Robie Lane

Scenic Drive

Skylars Mill Lane

Skylars Mill Way

South Lake Rd.

Springdale Court

Sussex Court

Tiffany Mazelle Court

Tyler Dewayne Court

Twin Springs Drive

Valley Drive

Valley Way

Westridge Drive

Wil-Co Court

Windmeyer Court