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Where did the name 'The Grove' come from?

So why is the new $85-million downtown development called "The Grove at Snellville Towne Center"?

Here's why.

Snellville has always had roots in commerce. The city's co-founders ran the Snell & Sawyer Store a hundred years ago and the plaza which currently houses Provino's was once a gathering spot for travelers to grab a bite to eat and trade wares. Travelers stopped at "The Grove" when rolling through Snellville. Many celebrations and family reunions were held in The Grove. Caravans came through once or twice a year to spend a few days. People would travel to Snellville for their shopping and park horses and wagons, later cars, in the area on Highway 78. Families and tradesmen traveling from other areas often stopped for the night to rest in there. The Grove was the center of the community and of trade and stores were built around it, cementing Snellville's trade-rich legacy.

As an homage to our commercial-rich past, Snellville's downtown was called "The Grove at Snellville Towne Center".